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Since 1994

Polis Boxing Academy is the largest and most modern boxing gym in Cyprus.

It is located in the centre of Limassol city and was founded in 1994 by Mr. Polis Potamitis, Cyprus' Boxing Champion for 8 years (1982 - 1990, Kg 51, 54, 57, 60).

Polis Potamitis together with his brother Marios Potamitis are the two trainers of the gym. Both of them are ex amateur boxers that had represented Cyprus in European and World Championship through out their teen age. After completing their service in the Navy Seals, they both studied Health and Physical Education for 4 years and graduated from North East Louisiana University, USA in 1993 and 1998 respectively, specialized in boxing.

In combination with their studies they continued boxing in state competitions taking part in large tournaments such as Golden Gloves, ABF, Silver Gloves etc. Not only they were trained for the competitions but they also helped and coached several well-known athletes of Louisiana, giving them the chance to gain great experience as personal trainers and taking part in coaching and referee seminars.

During his boxing career (as a boxer and a coach) in the States, Polis Potamitis was able to be trained and coach various amateurs and professional boxers (Jeff William, Glen Modicue) and World Champions (Adolfo Washington IBF Cruiserweight Champion, Richard Savage Featherweight IBS World Champion).

Taking advantage of the opportunities he had, he was successfully in meeting many famous stars from the boxing world like Sugar Ray Leonard, Bernard Hopkins, Joe Frazier, Royler Graice (World Champion Jiu Jitsu) and attending seminars from famous athlete like Stan "The Man" Longinides (World Heavy Weight Champion Kick Boxing and Muaythay).

We are proud to announce that Polis Boxing Academy is the only recognized boxing gym that both trainers had graduated as Health and Physical Education specialized in boxing and they both had represented Cyprus in international boxing tournaments.